Being free to move and express yourself is central to the human experience. Dynamic exists to ensure that all people living with restricted mobility enjoy the same freedoms. We partner with innovative customers to bring freedom of movement and expression through high quality medical mobility control and high-tech connectivity.


Mobility solutions powered by Dynamic change millions of lives worldwide every day.

be free to move
Be free to move

Go where you want with sustained power and boost to get you up and over obstacles. Gyro technology keeps your path straight in any terrain or weather and patented control algorithms keep motor performance balanced over their lifetime. Sensors precisely position your seating to keep you comfortable and stable at all times.

Be free to express

Only Dynamic offers a choice of touch screen, analog or touch-free interaction with your control system. Swipe like a pro or choose a more traditional interaction style. Move smoothly with precise drive control and interact confidently with digital technology through Bluetooth connectivity.

Transform your business

Seamless product systems can transform your designs and your business.

Insight driven innovation

We partner with innovative companies to transform their businesses through flexible and effective solutions. Our unique focus on mobility markets provides insights that deliver real value to customers.

Precisely target your market

Create market segment leading products that delight your designers, excite your sales teams and your end users. From simple to use scooter controllers to the innovative LiNX power wheelchair control system, Dynamic systems are easy to integrate, easy to learn and easy to maintain.

Enhance business intelligence

Leverage MyLiNX to remotely connect to wheelchair systems and generate data driven insights about usage and performance. Remotely diagnose faults to streamline aftersales support and use trend data to optimize your designs to suit real-world usage patterns.

make your mark
Your brand is important. Partner with Dynamic to personalise or create custom solutions that reflect your brand values and personality. Explore what the seamless LiNX system can do for your brand and business.

Dynamic Solution Map

r series



Rhino series



Mobility Scooter Controllers

Partly ambulating users who need assistance to extend their daily range

le series



le series


Outdoor drive


Basic Seating

le series


Full Rehab


Custom Rehab


LiNX Power Wheelchair Control Systems

Users who are fully reliant on powered mobility and seating, and who may need alternative controls and communication

Empower better outcomes

Clinicians, retailers & clients can interact more effectively to improve outcomes.

The right fit, right now

Eliminate programming and get instant client satisfaction with Plug’n’Go modules and pre-tuned performance to match your solution. If refinement is required, use wireless graphical tools to fine tune performance in real time!

Empower Better Outcomes

what’s our story?

Our purpose is to enhance the quality of life of people with disabilities and the elderly. Mobility users are everyday innovators and our philosophy combines their expertise with R&D innovation to deliver the best possible solutions.

Look beyond the obvious

What sets us apart is our deep understanding of needs and aspirations. We partner with you to translate life-liberating insights into innovative solutions. Dynamic’s unique focus on the medical mobility market drives us to be the world’s premier supplier of electronic control systems for power wheelchairs and scooters.

Dynamic has corporate headquarters in New Zealand and regional offices in the United Kingdom and Asia.

Allied Motion is a global company and parent of Dynamic Controls Ltd, with headquarters in Amherst (United States). With 17 locations in North America, Europe and Asia and over 1000 employees worldwide, Allied Motion jointly develops, manufactures and sells products for the motion control market. These products include brushed and brushless DC motors, brushless servo and torque motors, coreless DC motors, integrated brushless motor drives, gear motors, gearboxes, modular digital servo drives, motion controllers, incremental and absolute optical encoders and related motion control products. These innovative drive solutions are used primarily in the medical, automotive, aerospace, defense and electronics industries.


Dynamic has been partnering with users and OEM’s since 1971 to bring world-first innovations to the medical mobility market.

a world of firsts

1st Micro-Controlled joystick


1st Wheelchair CAN-BUS System


Gyroscopic control system


1st Bluetooth connection to iOS devices


1st Wireless programmer


1st Remote Diagnostics Tool


1st Touchscreen operated controller