LiNX Auxilary Modules

LiNX Actuator Module

The LiNX actuator modules are simple to set up yet highly configurable. Proportional joystick-controlled actuators give smooth, fine control of seating for improved comfort. Both two and four channel actuator modules are available with multiple modules allowing control of up to 12 actuators with minimal wiring

LiNX Gyro Module
LiNX Gyro Module

The LiNX gyro module technology ensures straighter driving by comparing input demand from a joystick or switch source with the direction that the wheelchair is tracking. When the system detects that the wheelchair is deviating from the intended course, it automatically corrects the path of travel. The LiNX gyro module has been designed to be compatible with any of the LiNX 100 or 200 series power modules and can be an after-market add on.

linx 10way switch module
LiNX 10-Way Switch Module

The LiNX 10-Way switch module introduces a flexible, direct access solution that can be tailored to clients’ needs. It’s a hardware-only module that provides a simple, easy to use method for accessing regularly used functionality. It is typically used for common seating functions but can also be used to switch to favourite drive functions, or to control lighting. The compact switch module has a removable label panel to support manufacturer customisation.