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The SHARK System is a versatile and cost-effective Powerchair control solution designed to fit many standard power chair applications.

  • Excellent drive performance and efficiency using separate power and remote modules
  • Two optional seat actuator driven directly from the power module
  • Optional full lighting support
  • Optional attendant control of drive and seat functions
  • Simple product configuration using the Hand Held Programmer (DX-HHP) or the Wizard PC Program
  • Variety of cable options
  • Programmable inhibit and speed control functions via the flexible multi-function DCI pins
  • Dynamic Controls quality and reliability

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Model Name Download Name File Size File Type Download link
Wizard 6 Installer 32.0Mb Extension Download
Wizard 5 Installer 11.1Mb Extension Download
Wizard Programming Registration Card Registration Card 0.14Mb PDF Download
Wizard Programming Tool User Manual 2.84Mb PDF Download
SHARK PMA/PMB/PMC Installation Manual 3.75Mb PDF Download
Shark DK-REMD/REMDB Installation Manual 4.21Mb PDF Download
Shark DK-ACU Installation Manual 0.91Mb PDF Download