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LiNX 200 series

DLX-REM210 -A / DLX-REM211-A
LiNX 210 Traditional Remote

The LiNX 210 remote – limited seating, offers simple, entry-level option for wheelchairs that can control up to 2 seating functions, but don't require lighting. It focuses on ease of use and a straightforward, no-fuss LED panel with familiar symbols and large icons.

LiNX 211 Traditional Remote

The LiNX 211 Remote - full seating, builds on the REM210 by enabling control of more than 2 actuators and the seamless integration of secondary inputs.

LiNX 215 Traditional

The LiNX 215 Traditional Remote - lights and limited seating adds lighting control to the REM210 features.

LiNX 216 Traditional Remote

The LiNX 216 Traditional Remote - lights and full seating adds lighting control to the REM211

LiNX PM120
LiNX 200 Series Power Modules

The LiNX 200 series (60A, 75A & 120A) power modules build on the performance of the 100 series power modules for sit and drive systems. The 200 series power modules have been designed for power wheelchairs that go beyond sit and drive applications and require seating functionality. With a goal to minimise the number of modules in a system the 200 series power modules integrate two actuator channels together with lighting outputs. New core features make the 200 series power modules a complete foundation upon which rehab lite and rehab systems can be built.

LiNX 200 Attendant Remote

The LiNX 200 Attendant Remote can be paired with LiNX 110 and higher remotes for caregivers to access a full range of driving and seating functionality.  Its highly compact robust design and easy to read display makes it ideal for rear mount applications, and flexible “who’s in charge” options ensure that both carers and users access needs can be met.

What are the benefits of the LiNX 200 Series?

  • A reinforced safety stance with a wheelchair that produces diagnostic information on a range of factors giving the user greater confidence when driving their wheelchair and a provider more information to help trouble shoot.
  • Prevention of over or under prescription by giving therapists a seamless expandable system helping get the most effective life and mobility solutions as a clients’ needs change.
  • Reduced complexity and stock holding for providers by having one mix and match system to deal with • Saved time and a more interactive hand over experience for therapists and clients with wireless programming
  • Saved space on wheelchairs with actuators in the power module ensuring that most rehab lite systems can be created with a remote module and a power module.
  • Familiarity and simplicity for wheelchair users with a consistent user interface on the remote module with intuitive seating and lighting controls.
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