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Our products range from cost effective power wheelchair controllers to world leading modular control systems that can be customised to suit a wide range of power wheelchair user needs. In addition, we provide a family of scooter controllers suitable for small, lightweight mini shoppers to rugged outdoor scooters. All are renowned for reliability and usability.

Our latest innovations are incorporated in a new technology platform, LiNX.  This is a culmination of several years’ collaboration with customers and a focus on insight generation throughout our value chain from power wheelchair users and clinicians through to providers and manufacturers.

Unlocking completely
new ways to live
life with freedom.

LiNX Power Wheelchair Control System
LiNX Power Wheelchair Control System
DX/DX2 Power Wheelchair Control System
Shark Power Wheelchair Control System
R-Series Scooter Controller
Rhino/Rhino2 Scooter Controller