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LiNX LE / 100 series

LiNX LE Low Profile Remote

The LiNX LE Low Profile Remote Module features insight-driven ergonomic styling, with the controls oriented towards the user. For many users, this makes it more comfortable, safer and simpler to use due to the larger hand rest area and easier access to the controls

DLX-REM060 / DLX-REM100 Remotes
LiNX LE Traditional Remote

The LiNX LE Traditional Remote Module has been designed with a more conventional market in mind. It features the joystick oriented towards the user, offering a familiar style and hand protection from doorways, tables and walls.

LiNX 100 series Traditional Remote

The LiNX 100 Series Enhanced Traditional Remote Module builds on the functionality of the Low Profile and Traditional remote modules with the addition of Bluetooth to enable additional functionality.

DLX-PM40-A / DLX-PM50-A Power Modules
LiNX LE Power Modules

The LiNX LE series (40A & 50A) power modules have been designed for indoor, lightweight wheelchairs used typically by geriatrics or those experiencing a reduction of mobility but without any significant disability. They are ideal for applications requiring best in class drive but a cost effective solution.

DLX-PM60-A / DLX-PM75-A / DLX-PM120A Power Modules
LiNX 100 Series Power Modules

The LiNX 100 series (60A, 75A & 120A) power modules are suited to a wide range of uses from simple sit and drive through to rehabilitation. Power ratings cover a range of wheelchair sizes and a wide variety of environments. Additional features, such as a real-time clock, multifunction pins and on-board charger connections plus the ability to be used with other LiNX modules makes them a versatile base to any system.

What are the benefits of the LiNX 100 Series?  

• A greater focus on safety with safety envelopes placed around critical parameters such as speeds, accelerations and motor resistance

• Anti-rollaway – limiting the wheelchair to a safe speed if rolling away on a slope

• Selectable drive settings for different environments

• Chair Statistics provide your field service technician with the best possible information using the LiNX diagnostic features

• Your wheelchairs will drive well on all surfaces and in all conditions with the patented Dynamic Load Compensation technology, ensuring an easier and more enjoyable ride experience

• An enhanced battery gauge offering an improved more accurate battery state of charge reading

• Pre-configured wheelchair set ups, storing up to eight unique configuration

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