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This product is now obsolete and should not be used in new designs. This page and content remains for reference only.


DX2 is a modular power chair control solution that expands the proven DX system through the addition of powerful new components. These allow the design of a rehab power chair that will meet the requirements of any user ranging from drive only control to full environmental control.

The DX2 system is designed to maximise comfort and user control, is easy to set up and maintain and is highly reliable.

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Our ability enables us.
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Model Name Download Name File Size File Type Download link
Wizard 6 Installer 33.6Mb Extension Download
Wizard 5 Installer 11.1Mb Extension Download
Wizard Programming Registration Card Registration Card 0.14Mb PDF Download
Wizard Programming Tool User Manual 2.83Mb PDF Download
DX-ACC4T, DX-BCT, DX-CMT Test Equipment Installation Manual 0.55Mb PDF Download
DX-SNP Sip and Puff Installation Manual 0.3Mb PDF Download
DX-RJM Remote Joystick Installation Manual 0.16Mb PDF Download
DX-ACC4/4B Switch Interface Installation Manual 0.98Mb PDF Download
PMB/PMB1/PMB2/PMB-S Installation Manual - Spanish 0.33Mb PDF Download
PMB/PMB1/PMB2/PMB-S Installation Manual 0.67Mb PDF Download
DX-GB-AS Installation Manual 1.18Mb PDF Download
DX SLM Installation Manual 2.15Mb PDF Download
DX GB Installation manual 4.27Mb PDF Download
DX-LM-Z Lighting Module Installation Manual 0.43Mb PDF Download
DX-ECU Environmental Control Unit Installation Manual 0.21Mb PDF Download
DX-CLAMB Lighting and Actuator Module Installation Manual 0.33Mb PDF Download
DX-ARC5 Actuator Remote Control Installation Manual 0.078Mb PDF Download
DX-ARC-SWB Switchbox Installation Manual 0.15Mb PDF Download
DX-ACC3 Charger Socket Installation Manual .38Mb PDF Download
DX-REMG91/DX-REMG91S Installation Manual 2.79Mb PDF Download
DX-REM90/DX-REMG90A/DX-REMG90T Master Remotes Installation Manual 1.74Mb PDF Download
DX-REM41 Dolphin Tray Remote Installation Manual 0.60Mb PDF Download
DX-REM34 Dolphin Remote Installation Manual - Spanish 0.31Mb PDF Download
DX-REM34 Dolphin Remote Installation Manual 0.40Mb PDF Download
DX-ACU3 Master Attendant Control Installation Manual 0.38Mb PDF Download
DX System Manual Addendum Issue1 1.33Mb PDF Download
DX System Manual 3.59Mb PDF Download
DX2 Compact Remote Installation Manual 8.54Mb PDF Download
DX2 ACT2/4 Installation Manual 6.68Mb PDF Download
DX2-PMA70/90(L) Power Module Installation Manual Iss1 3.93Mb PDF Download
DX2 PMA90LG/DX2-Gyro Installation Manual 1.82Mb PDF Download
DX2-REMA/B-ACS2 Remote Installation Manual 2.78Mb PDF Download
DX2-REM550/551 Master Remote Quick Start Guide Issue 2 1.82Mb PDF Download
DX2-REM550/551 Master Remote Installation Manual Issue 3 5.59Mb PDF Download
DX2-REM420/421 Master Remote Installation Manual Iss1 2.7Mb PDF Download